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Susan Carol Tribble susant at
Wed May 27 08:24:43 PDT 1998

I would like to comment on this subject.  I agree with Vivane.  A class in
 "titles brass hats and just what does
that particlar shape of crown mean" would be good.  I would be very
interested in attending a class such as this.  Even though this is all in
the Known World Handbook, there is just something about a "show and tell"
type class that makes every thing come together.

Lady Mara talks about titles (and 100 other things) at her excellent SCA
101 classes.  However, since her SCA 101 class was my first event (1.3
years ago), it was all very confusing to me.  A class such as this would
be very beneficial - and a good refresher.

My personal thought is that an event such as Defender would be a good
place to hold such a classs.  There are alot of people at this event and,
hence, a possible larger turnout.

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      (Susan Tribble)

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