[Elfsea] Ok, lets talk about Defender and Springfaire

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Wed Oct 30 08:00:22 PST 2002

I admit that when I did the ME camp Defender 2001 I just about killed myself and if I did not do it then those kind souls who were helping me were going to (chuckle).

I am not sure what I can contribute to the line of discussion at hand but I too enjoy the culture camps. One item that I notices was the lack of formation or definition of the culture camp sites.

I could not tell where one started and one ended. I have seen in the past such wondrous displays like a Viking long ship, a Gypsy wagon, a Bedouin tent with a ground loom and stone circle. Good heavens the talent and creativity of this Barony is astounding.

It is a great deal of work not to mention money and the personal satisfaction of a job well done is not withstanding. My warm fuzzies came from others touring the camps and "oooing and ahhhing" over the cool displays.

Feast. I love to cook. I love to cook for large groups. I get a real thrill making new foods. The task is daunting true but worthwhile. Having the different camps provide foods for a feast around the world is wonderful. I would love the challenge of coordinating such a feast. My sweet Finnian may have me committed later but good heavens ya'll, share the wealth of food talent!

I'm rambling right now, sorry. I guess what I am trying to say is keep the culture camps for Defender but give it more structure, return the light hearted Spring time frolics of Springfaire and grow them. We have a good thing with these themes. I have traveled extensively in this Kingdom and in others and what we have here rocks! We just need to nurture the plant. Trim the excess branches, give it more soil, water and sunlight. Stand back and it will grow stronger and even more lush than before.

That's my two cents :)

HL Bright

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>Innes wrote:>
>Elfsea Defender has become a tradition,   so why lessen the event at all?
>Just feel like people are trying to change the Traditions of the Barony.
>I personally feel is that there should be some educating going on for the
>people who have not played  long enough to know what the traditions are.

Traditions are well and good.  However, at times, traditions need to be
modified to fit the group's needs.

Like the culture camps.  I too attended Defender 5 years ago (my first
event) when the culture camps were in full swing.  These camps gave me the
feel of the "dream" of the SCA.  I am sad to see them go away, but they are
a lot of work and I suppose people were getting tired of creating them.

Sometimes a change can create a renewed interest.  Let's not close our minds
to new ideas.

In service,

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