[Gatesedge] MSF lost and found!!

Margarita Alvarez serinlerapp at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 8 13:07:09 PDT 2002

Hi Kat,
I have your feast gear, you left it behind at our table. I'm sure we'll be
able to reunite you with it.


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Subject: [Gatesedge] MSF lost and found!!
Date: Thu,  4 Jul 2002 14:42:13 -0500

okie, I have done some supremely stupid things in my life... this was one of
the milder. ;)

Did anyone pick up my wooden bowl and two sets of fork&spoon at the server's
table from MSF?

I'll be back in Houston on the 16th (flying out to Florida on the 17th) and
20th (or is the Sunday the 21st?).

Please hold on to it and let me know where to get it when I'm in town!!!

Other options include getting it to Tasha&Mattius to bring next weekend
(13th) to Austin when they come for the (belated) birthday celebration.

The move went well, I still have a car load of stuff (including all my garb
*gasp*) to move from the house in Houston.  I'll miss you guys, but will
definitely be around for GE (and maybe Stargate) events in the future.

Have an excellent rest of the summer!


Kathleen MacLaughlen
mka Liz Baker

general "what can I do for you?" person
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