[Glaslyn] On Courtesy and our Ansteorran sun

Julie Cunningham juliecunningham65 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 16 08:28:44 PDT 2007

  Part of the reason I love the Steppes, Glaslyn and Lindenwood so much is that within our walls live a wide array of folks with many great ideas from all walks of life.  With such rich diversity comes great strife if people are not respectful of each other’s beliefs, viewpoints and opinions.
  We must be respectful and courteous to each other to keep the peace here in our barony and its cantons.  I know all of you will do your part to see that this is done in the future. Take some time to reflect before you respond to an email.  There are ways to politely disagree and continue with a civilized conversation.
  Everyone, please use common sense when you are out in the heat.  Drink lots of water, take many breaks and stay in the shade as much as possible..  Let us all see to each other’s well being at fighter practices or local events so no one falls ill from the Ansteorran sun.  
  Play safe and play nice.
  Respectfully to all
  HE Katheryn Cunningghame
  Baroness of the Steppes

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