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My dear friend Lucas, as I will now count you as one, may the Lord comfort and 
keep you. I beseeched Almighty God for a long time on your behalf as you have 
grown weary of the men God has entrusted with his word for us, his humble 
servants. It is true that it is hard to find a righteous man in this England and 
I yearn for the comfort of the Church in my beloved Spain but duty keeps me 
bound to this cursed place. I know little of Sir Dieterich except he comes from 
Germany a cold place with curious foods. His speech alone is enough to scare you 
but he has always been helpful to me and I have confidence in him. The only 
fault I have found with this pleasant knight is his choice of tailors but other 
than that I find him kind and just. You can often find him at his favorite 
tavern, Shoepfs where he is known to eat roasted swine smothered in a spicy 
sauce by whose very nature will tend to lead the most gentlest of nobles to 

May God lead you in your journey and keep you safe and if you find yourself in 
England know you have a friend in this court full of spies and curs.
Spain’s most devoted servant
Child of the true faith,
Melisenda de Barcelona

I have spent my time all across the lands of the world fromthe far east to the 
vile island of the english. I am the humble soon of a silversmith but have had 
my taste of the lifes of other lands .. this knight of whole you speak what is 
his lienage for a french man in an irish clann can not be found in the company 
of an englishman ... we are MUCH above thare stature. As for a man of the cloth 
I am rather weary of them but i may need to tell of some sins ... 

Lucas De La Argent

> My dearest Lanc,
> I had the agonizing pleasure of speaking to Sir Dietrich
> this evening and told 
> him of your excited interest in writing the crown with your
> view of the 
> candidates for the Baron and Baroness of Bryn Gwlad!  He
> was delighted to hear 
> of your fervor and your willingness to step forward and
> convey your opinion. 
> However upon finding out you were of French lineage he spat
> and cussed. I was 
> well taken back as I am a Spanish lady and not use to such
> vulgarity.  When he 
> saw I was shaken by his crudeness he did apologize and
> started to explain.
>  I am thankful to Sir Dietrich for enlightening me on the
> French. I was naive of 
> the lack of education young French men obtain in their
> beloved France. As Sir 
> Dietrich is a proper servant of the Lord and generous, he
> humbly informed me he 
> has on many occasions assisted Frenchmen in the writing of
> letters because they 
> wasted their youth on wine and Parisian street walkers. I
> did promise good Sir 
> Dietrich that you were not at all like the French men he
> has had dealings with 
> and the letter would certainly be written and written well.
> However if Sir 
> Dietrich is correct, I am sure we can find a good and
> honest clergymen to put 
> your words to paper.  If you are in need of assistance
> please send a messenger 
> and without delay I will send the diacono.  
> In service to the Stronghold, the Barony and the Kingdom
> A child of the true faith
> Melisenda de Barcelona
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