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Fri Mar 4 05:41:13 PST 2011

I understand the fact of driving 40 minutes to a fighter practice where fighting might or might not take place is disappointing! Gas prices are high and that sucks! 
However what happens on Sunday is just labeled Fighter Practice. We talked about this at Red tape in the hospitaler meeting and it is a common problem/misunderstanding. Fighting is just a small part of what should be happening. A lot of discussions take place about issues of the Stronghold, we are in the public eye, newer people are getting a fill for the SCA, friendships are being made, and much more.
With out this time to get to know each other and establish bonds this group will not grow! In my former group we had a fighter make a remark that it was a fighter practice not a knitting circle the people who didn't fight was offended and quit coming. Sunday fighter practice failed.
Small groups like Tempio also suffered from members who was drawn to the larger group an hour down the road because of all it could offer. They never understood their presence was vitally needed and never put the growth and development of the smaller group before their own ambitions. 
If you were one of the few at the very beginning, where the idea of this group began you should be the ones that are at every activity this group has. 
I told everyone after the crown made us an official group this is where the hard work begins. This is where you put the growth of the group you helped start before your own ambitions. Do not leave this group to futher your own SCA careers . Making this group succed will be your biggest and most proud moment in your SCA career.
Robert and I are committed to make as many Social, fighter practices, and of coarse populace as our mundane life allows.
I would like everyone to think back to the populace meeting at Long Branch park where Jhetto ( I know it is misspelled) spoke of not starting this group just have fun with each other and enjoy the SCA. Not one person blinked at his statement and the vote was taken to move forward with the making of Hellsgate. If your passion for  this group has lessened take a moment and think of how it felt when we we were made an official group or how it felt when they put that neat little award around your necks. Hopefully that will restart the fires in peoples hearts to put Hellsgate first.
I will be a FP this Sunday for anyone who wants to discuss this. 
This is not meant for anyone person and not meant to start a debate on the list. It is just the fastest means to reach all who are involved in Hellsgate.


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