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Wed Feb 7 13:41:30 PST 2001

On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:

<much useful and appreciated information chopped>

I'm looking at myself cluelessly wondering where I got the idea that gyronny 
could be color-color. Sorry!

However, the submitters are very much wanting to have a vert-azure field with 
an argent shark. A Quarterly field ... but that still leaves only one CD. In 
the Precedents for Da'ud (second part), it states:

[returning sharks teeth] It was the overwhelming consensus of the commentary 
that the "shark's teeth" were unrecognizable, as is required by RfS 
VII.7.a., Identification Requirement.  (Agilwulf the Loud, 9/94 p. 15)

Checking the LoAR cited, were the teeth considered unrecognizable for being 
black, and thusly without the detail necessary to distinguish a shark's tooth 
from a triangle? The submitters would consider adding eight shark's teeth 
points to center in bordure argent ... if shark's teeth are acceptable charges.
This would make the blazon:

Quarterly vert and azure, a shark naiant within eight shark's teeth points to 
center in bordure argent.

If this is bad, I will have to go back and try to get them to decide on some 
other way to get another CD. I've tried to check against all fish naiant and 
naiant embowed and all Quarterly vert and argent. I wasn't able to find 
another case of shark's teeth in bordure.

Thank you for your help!

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