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Thanks for the info.

After Ice Axe, where the Southern Regional Herald will be having a meeting
(a shameless plug for both) I'll see what I can find.

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> >I heard that our award, "The Rising Star of Ansteorra"
> >is to be aboandoned. That after 12 years it has been
> >registared.  And now the "Rising Star" part
> >seems to be causing problems as to it's period useaage.
> Just because we can't register the name doesn't mean that the kingdom has
> abandon the award, for starters.  It just means that if we want to
> the name, we have to come up with a better name.
> Instead of just being outraged about it, folks can help by starting
> into what kinds of period name constructions are actually out there for
> awards and orders, and based on that research maybe we can find a more
> acceptable name (heraldically) for the award.  Or not - we don't *have* to
> register it.
> The exact problem of what was wrong with the name was published in the
> Gazette (see http://www.ansteorra.org/regnum/herald/gazette/200201AG.pdf).
> It said:
> "Ansteorra, Kingdom of. Award name Award of the Rising Star.  This name is
> being returned for lack of documentation of the construction of the order
> name. No documentation was provided, and the College found none, that an
> abstract description such as _Rising_ was used to modify a noun such as
> _Star_ in period order names.  Barring such documentation, this name must
> returned.  Note: had such documentation been found, this name would have
> [been] registerable as _Award of the Rising Star *of Ansteorra*_, since
> Ansteorra has a letter of permission to conflict from the owner of the
> household name House Rising Star, and group references (which are normally
> transparent for conflict purposes) can clear a conflict in conjunction
> a letter of permission to conflict."
> So really, it's not even certain that the name may not be registerable as
> is -- we just have to get out the books and start digging.
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