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Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Thu Jul 17 20:23:33 PDT 2003

On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 04:21:00PM -0400, tmcd at panix.com wrote:
> The populace meetings I've been in have tended to be pretty informal.
> I'd probably recommend "OK, folks, we're starting now.  Settle down,
> please.  The crown is attending this one -- everybody say, 'Hi,
> Crown!'  [chorus]  [smiling and waving at them]" or some such.

That works for informal populace meetings, certainly.

Perhaps it's because my local group is a shire, but we always have more
'formal-ish' populace meetings.  (I say '-ish', because despite it being
somewhat organized, it has no bearing whatsoever on the sillyness of the
crowd.)  Herald calls the meeting to order, calls up various officers to 
present reports, calls for old business, new business, and then closes 
populace with the standard vivat litany.  It's one of our few opportunities
to practice voice heraldry, y'know, excepting for the occasional event.

In our case, whenever we've had a territorial head of some sort
attending (not the crown to far, but occasionally a nearby Baron &
Baroness), we check with them beforehand to see if they a) want to be
formally included (so far none have), and b) have any business they'd
like to be called up for (occasionally, but not always).  If the answer
to both is 'no', we still usually do the "hey lookee, the B&B are
slumming!" bit. 

-Emma de Fetherstan
herald of Mooneschadowe

Jennifer Smith
jds at randomgang.com

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