[ANSTHRLD] House Porto - Household name and badge

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Thu May 29 15:11:06 PDT 2003

The problem is the conflict is with anything that sounds close to
Porto or Oporto.  That is why folks are looking for a way
to add another word to the house name to clear the conflict.


>At the risk of being presumptuous,  and not entirely sure what the language
>in question is, would it be possible to change the end to a plural, and
>this avoid the conflict, and make it even clearer it is the name, not the
>Would it not also be appropriate, for some periods, to "translate" the name
>into a Greek/Roman "classical" name? Portae? (Forgiveness, please, I know
>that is going to cause great pain for some of you!)
>Perhaps something like "Casa dei (O)Porti" -- please forgive my errors of
>grammar, I am only trying to get the idea across to those better educated
>than myself, who knows just enough about such matters to no doubt screw it

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