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ED Reese edreese at m7bedlam.com
Thu May 29 17:33:44 PDT 2003

Thank you, Daniel. :-) I admit, I am far more familiar with Italian than
Portugese. The pluralization of a name to indicate a family/house did
happen there. (Lorenzo becomes Lorenzi, because the generations want to
keep the illustrious ancestor/rich grandparent attached to them.)

Doesn't "Oporto" mean "port"? Would an appelation -- Porto Blue, Blue
Porto, work?


At 06:07 PM 5/29/2003 -0400, you wrote:

>ED Reese <edreese at m7bedlam.com> wrote:
> > not entirely sure what the language in question is
>The Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary says, at
>     city & port NW Portugal on the Douro population 310,600
>so Portuguese is very likely.
> > would it be possible to change the end to a plural, and this avoid
> > the conflict, and make it even clearer it is the name, not the
> > place?
>I don't see how it could make sense to have the plural of a place name
>as a house name.  Does "House Amarillos" make sense, for example?
>(I cannot recommend house armadillos, by the way: they have sharp
>claws and may shred your furniture.  Also, they're the only animals
>other than humans that can get leprosy; a Texas fellow who had the
>habit of wrestling armadillos for fun came down with Hansen's Disease
>a few years back.  And don't get the house amaretto.  Spring for a
>name brand of liqueur. .... OK, enough lame free association.)
>If the answer is "It's a house composed of people who are surnamed
><X>, for some <X>":
>- house names are usually in the singular in English, as in "the House
>   of Plantagenet" (c.f. "the Plantagenets") or "the House of Stuart"
>   (c.f. "the Stuarts").  I don't know from Portuguese, though.
>- I would see "the House of Yorks", for example, as being just as
>   presumptuous as "the House of York".  On the other hand, this is a
>   conflict case, not a presumption case.
>They can't go with the plain plural as in "the Plantagenets" or "the
>Stuarts", because the SCA College of Arms Rules for Submission
>requires a designator of some sort (Barony, House, Order, Guild, or
>whatever).  But even when they add a designator, it's transparent for
>purposes of conflict, so "House Oporto", "Order of Oporto", "Barony of
>Oporto", "Oporto Herald", et cetera, all conflict with the city of
>Daniel de Lincolia
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