[ANSTHRLD] documentation help...

mattias@playbard.com mattias at playbard.com
Mon Apr 26 12:20:44 PDT 2004

A call out for some help on where to find the documentation on place names.
IE: of Galloway (england)
and How to document translations such as "la Serin Noir" (french - the
black canary).
I have been given these as submissions but they were incomplete and I want
to send them on with the proper documentation.

These are two different submissions.
"of galloway" is 11-12th century england
and "la serin noir" is 11-12th century french.
examples are ("Bob" of galloway) and ("Bob" la serin Noir)

Please if someone could give me a link or place where I could find how to
do this.


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