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Mon Apr 26 13:24:37 PDT 2004

I pretty much gave you all the information they provided to me as a
submission on their forms. The first one simply is "Robert of Galloway"
and he told me that he wanted to be english. I was certain I could find a
google search but my question was geared more toward providing the correct
documentation that would lead to a successful registration.

The second is a descriptive and I was not clear on that I apologize. The
whole name on that is "Rixende la Serin Noir". I had the same concerns
about taking a simple translated phrase and trying to make it a name, and
that was How I came to ask the question. Again I was trying to broaden my
own knowledge to provide the best service to those that wish to have the
names they feel best represent them while keeping with proper SCA
herladirc documentation. I know others have registered names that are
descriptive and was wondering on how do I document this given that I am
not familiar with a resource which lists what is appropriate as a
descriptive name and what is not.

In both cases the submitters just stated the names, spelled them out and
told me their time periods and places.
It would certainly make my job easier to send the submissions up without
having to do this, but I feel that Asterisk at least deserves some sort of
explaination or research from my local level then a blanket " well thats
just what they wanted".

I was under the impression that I was supposed to ensure each submission
had either an approved book/page or three references from different
If I am going beyond the call of duty please let me know so I don't waste
my time or anyone else's.


> On Mon, 26 Apr 2004 mattias at playbard.com <heralds at ansteorra.org> wrote:
>> IE: of Galloway (england)
> Less than a minute of Googling and taking the first hit shows that
> Galloway is in southern Scotland.  Is there a lesser-known one in
> England?
>> and How to document translations such as "la Serin Noir" (french -
>> the black canary).
> Taking a random phrase and trying to justify it is called
> "retro-documentation".  It's as frustrating as being hungry and
> getting a meal by driving to a corner and seeing if there happens to
> be a restaurant there.  It often takes an expert to tap-dance around
> the evidence convincingly.  But ...
>> I have been given these as submissions but they were incomplete and
>> I want to send them on with the proper documentation.
> ... you personally don't have much choice in the instant case, having
> been presented with the names.  Sometimes it's just easiest to pass
> them up to Asterisk and let her return it with an explanation -- but I
> comend you for making an effort to try to clean it up before
> submitting.
>> examples are ("Bob" of galloway) and ("Bob" la serin Noir)
> Please post the full names -- we may find other problems that make the
> whole name impossible.  E.g., Arabic-French might have already been
> returned as an unregisterable combination, and they want 'Aisha la
> serin Noir.  (I don't know that that's true, but I would find it
> unsurprising.)  Or maybe they want to be Dinah Lance la serin Noir.
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