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On Tue, 8 Nov 2005, Hedwig von Luneborg <lochherald at gmail.com> wrote:
> I did find two people in the OP with that last name. However, that
> doesn't mean that last name is registered...just that they are using
> it and have won an award or two.

Looking in the Roll of Precedence is not that useful in such cases,
for exactly the reason you adduce.

Looking in the on-line Armorial under <http://sca.org/heraldry/> is
somewhat more useful, because it lists only registered names: it lists
the LoARs that registered them.  However, name knowledge and name
registration standards have been increasing over time, so a lot old
names would be unregisterable now.  Also, sometimes name elements are
registered under the Legal Name allowance, or they are "grandfathered"
due to an older registration by the person or by a relative.  Also, it
doesn't show returns, so if a name element is no longer registerable,
you won't see it.

What you can do is Google for "Herveus": his main page has a search
form for the Laurel LoARs.  You can then conveniently look at each
instance of the word or name element in question, and thereby see the
acceptances and the returns.  If you're lucky, you can find a specific
Laurel precedent.  It takes you straight to each decision, so you can
see the decision in full and in context, including "The given name is
the submitter's legal first name." and such.

For such a very famous name as "Medici", I would say that absence of
evidence is actually fairly conclusive that it's OK.  But I would
still add to that evidence of non-famous Medicis, as I tried to
indicate in my message of a fwe minutes ago.

Daniel Lindonium
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