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I have a case of Martian Death Flu and am having a weird sleep

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> 12. Frederich von Königsburg (Rosenfeld)
> [Name] This is misspelled.  It means king's mountain NOT king's castle.
> Brechenmacher page 89 s.n. Königsberger has it from the Old Norse
> Königsberg and in 1470 Joh. Konigßpergk.

I asked on SCA Heralds' and I don't think I got a dated doc back
without a "p" instead of "b".  Could I have just cited "standard
modern form, city itself founded in 12[whatever] according to

As Elwyn pointed out at Bryn Gwlad's meeting, Friedrich von Konigsburg
was registered via Ansteorra 11/93.  Didn't think to check for
conflict at the consult table, dammit.  Sorry, Frederich!

> 20. Kenzing von Morgarten
> [Name Change] Morgarten has NO documentation. Daniel, did you do
> this one too?

No, no.  The local herald was unaware of the documentation
requirements on submissions, which is unfortunately unsurprising.
Other heralds had already talked to her before she took my class at
Ansteorran Heralds and Scribes Symposium.  She appears quite
intelligent and I think there will be good results from her group.

Oh, goody, the aspirin just kicked in.

> 22. Luciana Caterina di Boniface
> [Name] This gets returned for further work on the lack of summary of
> the information in the Saint Gabriel letters.  Orle does not have
> time to write your required Saint Gabriel report summary for you.
> That is the job of the submitting herald.

Well, no and yes.

RfS I.1 ends "In all cases, the burden of proving compatibility shall
lie on the individual making the submission or that individual's duly
constituted representatives.", so ultimately it lies on the submitter
unless they can arm-twist the submitting herald into saying "yeah,
I'll do it".

Except in this case, the submitter WAS the submitting herald.

> 27. Wolfger von Eisenstedt (Rosenfeld)
> I assume the city tourist board in that part of Austria knows the
> history of their city.

Hmmm, I never thought I'd get to call you naive and trusting!
For example, there's a legend about the origin of Novi, Michigan.
Wikipedia puts it

    Several popular but historically inaccurate explanations have been
    given for the origin of the name Novi. One version is that it was
    named after the 6th tollgate on the Grand River toll road
    (No. VI). However, the township was named in 1832 and the toll
    road was not constructed until the 1850s. A similar claim is made
    about the township being stop number 6 on the railroad. However,
    the railroad was not constructed through the township until 1870 -
    1871, almost 40 years after it was named.

Yet <http://novi.lib.mi.us/aboutnovi/novihistory.htm> cites a book
"No. VI on the Trail: A History of Novi, Michigan by Barbara
G. Louie".  To be honest, someone else's Web page says that the city
makes a great effort to debunk the legend, but I don't know where.

Dankyn de Linccolne
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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