[ANSTHRLD] Orle Comments on July 2006 Gazette ILOI

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Wed Aug 2 08:11:39 PDT 2006

> I have a case of Martian Death Flu and am having a weird sleep
> schedule.

The Martian gets annoyed with Bugs Bunny every once in a while and sprays
the earth with the Death Flu.  Hope it passes quickly.

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> wrote:
>> 12. Frederich von Königsburg (Rosenfeld)
>> [Name] This is misspelled.  It means king's mountain NOT king's castle.
>> Brechenmacher page 89 s.n. Königsberger has it from the Old Norse
>> Königsberg and in 1470 Joh. Konigßpergk.
> I asked on SCA Heralds' and I don't think I got a dated doc back
> without a "p" instead of "b".  Could I have just cited "standard
> modern form, city itself founded in 12[whatever] according to
> [source]"?

I am pretty sure the berg form was used in period names more often than
the perg that Brechanmacher cites.  Königsberg is way to the east and
those Lithuanian types are a bad influence.

> As Elwyn pointed out at Bryn Gwlad's meeting, Friedrich von Konigsburg
> was registered via Ansteorra 11/93.  Didn't think to check for
> conflict at the consult table, dammit.  Sorry, Frederich!

German conflicts are quite rare since we are such peaceful types.

> Oh, goody, the aspirin just kicked in.

The aspirin just kicked you?  Now Daniel is seeing dancing aspirin tablets
doing high kicks.  Sounds like a good commercial idea.

>> 22. Luciana Caterina di Boniface
>> [Name] This gets returned for further work on the lack of summary of
>> the information in the Saint Gabriel letters.  Orle does not have
>> time to write your required Saint Gabriel report summary for you.
>> That is the job of the submitting herald.
> Well, no and yes.

At any rate it isn't being done by the Orle office anymore.

> 27. Wolfger von Eisenstedt (Rosenfeld)
> ...
>> I assume the city tourist board in that part of Austria knows the
>> history of their city.
> Hmmm, I never thought I'd get to call you naive and trusting!

Irontown is a perfectly good German name.  I just didn't have time to wade
through all the German needed to put it up as a constructed place-name.

Commentary keeps getting larger as I have less time to spend with it.


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