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My information is that it was sent back from corporate level, 5 or more
years ago. The information was non specific, only that because it related
to Tepes, better known as Vlad Dracula, and that it was found offensive in
some manner. He is wishing to associate illegitimate birth with the Vlad
Tepes, which fits his persona as an Assassin mercenary of that area.


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What information can you give to aid the search?  When was this decided?
Was it sent back from Kingdom or Laurel?  Where was it submitted?

More information would be helpful in trying to track the information down.

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>  Greetings my Lords and Ladies!
>  My Lord Baron, His Excellency, Kainin Tepesa, of the Barony of Bonwicke,
>  has related to me that in the past he has attempted to
>  register his byname "Tepesa", and it has been found offensive
>  by the College. Does anyone remember the reason? And, if so
>  can you point me to some suitable alternative names that I might
>  pursue?
>  humbly,
>  Troye de Leon
>  Western Cross Herald
>  Barony of Bonwicke
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