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On Tue, 24 Jan 2006 francis.schalles at ttuhsc.edu wrote:
> He is wishing to associate illegitimate birth with the Vlad
> Tepes, which fits his persona as an Assassin mercenary of that area.

Leaving aside the question of offensiveness of the byname, covered by
others (thanks, folks, for finding "Impaler" and backtracking to a
differently-spelled byname), and the degree of plausibility of an
assassin mercenary, Rules for Submission Part VI:

    3.  Names Claiming Specific Relationships - Names that
     unmistakably imply identity with or close relationship to a
     protected person or literary character will generally not be
     registered.  Explicit claims to descend from a particular person,
     such as "Edwin fitzWilliam Marshall" or "Rhys ap Cariadoc of the
     Bow" will not be registered.  (The latter could be registered
     with a letter of permission from Cariadoc of the Bow.)  However,
     since there are many people named "William" and "Cariadoc",
     "Edwin fitzWilliam" or "Rhys ap Cariadoc" would not conflict by
     themselves.  In some cases a unique name, surname, or epithet is
     so closely related to an individual that its use alone can imply
     relationship to that individual.  There is only one family that
     uses the name "Baggins of Bag End", so "Joan Baggins of Bag End"
     would not be appropriate.

    4.  Other Presumptuous Names - Some names not otherwise forbidden
     by these rules are nevertheless too evocative of widely known and
     revered protected items to be registered.  Such items include the
     peerage orders of the Society and such well-known items outside
     the Society as the "Order of the Garter".  The "House of the Rose
     and Laurel" does not conflict with the "Order of the Rose" or the
     "Order of the Laurel", but it is too evocative of both to be
     registered.  Similarly, the "Award of the Blue Garter" is too
     evocative of the "Order of the Garter", whose badge is a blue

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