[ANSTHRLD] Heraldry for kids?

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Greetings from Bonwicke!

I have cut out cardboard shields and painted them with the tinctures,
metals, and furs. I write the names on the back. I also painted field
divisions, and some with simple ordinaries. Then I painted some variations
of all of these. They all are used as flash cards in a group session for
instruction, then you can divide the group, and have a competition for a
prize. It's basic but fun. Even works on adults. :-)

Troye de Leon
Western Cross Pursuivant

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Whats this about a program for teaching children about
heraldry?  I have been asked, in a general way, if I
could find a way to teach, or have taught, a
children's heraldry class in the fairly near future. 
I had not yet put much work into it, but had been
letting the idea float around in what passes for my
mind.  I had intended to ask on the list if anyone had
any ideas about how I might approach this task, but
hadn't done so yet.  But now I see mention of an
existing program...nifty.

Tell me more, please.

Laszlo Nemanzelsky
Halberd Pursuivant

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