[ANSTHRLD] Looking for Info on Branches

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at texas.net
Wed Sep 12 19:17:15 PDT 2007

At 01:48 PM 9/12/2007 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anyone recognize any of these branches as having once been active
>branches in Ansteorra?  Are they now inactive/dissolved, or are they
>considered part of another kingdom now (unlikely, since Ansteorra
>hasn't spawned any other kingdoms).
>Ragged Staff has these listed as submissions which came from Ansteorra:


Paiscumbe was submitted through Atenveldt - I'm not sure if Ansteorra was
submitting independently at that time or not.  Given the date, I have no
idea if the area was in what is now Ansteorra or Atenvelt or the Outlands...

LoAR 11 Aug 1977:

Paiscumbre, shire. badge. The name is not good Spanish, say my informants
G.C. and Carmen Edmonson. A copy of their letter, suggesting alternative
names, is being sent to Aten herald. On resubmitting please include the
name and address of your seneschal so that we can correspond directly. You
need arms, not a badge; this would do if the wreath were laurel, rather
than greenbrier.

I know there's a book about the history of Atenveldt.  I don't know if it
would mention <Paiscumbre> or not.  If Ragged Staff can tell us what
city/whatever was given on the person's contact info on the submission
form, that might help.


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