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Alisone McCay alisone.maccay at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 06:26:06 PST 2008

I would like to thank Coblaith on the efforts put forth to help with giving
people a way to doodle out their achievements until I can redo the
submission forms.  If you are wishing to use these please go by the Anton
Tirol for now as a personal perference for uniformity.  It will help for
those especially who can submit with supporters.

Alisone McCay
Stellar Scroll Pursuivant

On Tue, Dec 2, 2008 at 5:10 AM, Coblaith Mhuimhneach <Coblaith at sbcglobal.net
> wrote:

> There's been some discussion recently of the fact that it's hard to get
> people to register their achievements, and some concern expressed that the
> recent requirement that all achievement registration forms be accompanied by
> renderings might increase resistance.  I thought it might help if it were
> possible to offer potential submitters a sort of "achievement blank", so
> that they didn't have to struggle to draw attractive mantling or get the
> proportions of a helm right in order to get a graphic together.  Eventually
> I hope to have several of these, from different periods, available on my
> website.  Just now I have two--one based on an achievement in the Manesse
> Codex and one on a page in Anton Tirol's Armorial.  I've also shrunk these
> images down and used them to create doodle sheets that might be used in
> consultation.
> Anyone who thinks they might make use of these is welcome to do so.  They
> are available for download at <http://coblaith.net/Heraldry/>.
> Incidentally, I'm aware that some of the articles on the site (unrelated to
> the above-mentioned printables) aren't functioning quite as they should.
>  (I'm having some sort of trouble setting permissions or something, so many
> of the images aren't displaying properly.)  If something is particularly
> interesting to you, feel free to e-mail me and ask me to send you the
> document by e-mail.  Otherwise, check back at the start of the new year.  I
> hope I'll get it all straightened out by then.
> Coblaith Mhuimhneach
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