HERB - good morning

Carl and/or Anne Adamczyk grania1 at juno.com
Sat Apr 18 08:33:28 PDT 1998

Good Day!

I am very happy to be on the Herbalists list and hope to see a wealth of
useful information and to contribute when able.  

I am an RN and a  former chirurgeon (too much like work).  My lord is an
active chirurgeon.  

Not only am I interested in the cosmetic and medicinal use of herbs but I
am also interested in their cultivation, particularly now that gardening
season is here.  My lord and I have been looking for sources for seeds
for the less common period herbs and are now planning this summer's herb

Looking forward to corresponding with Known World healers and gardeners,
I am

Grania Moore and her lord, Andreas of Kalisz

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