HERB - Spice Ideas for Xmas

Warren & Meredith Harmon corwynsca at juno.com
Tue Dec 8 09:00:48 PST 1998

>Im looking for some input on using any large quantity of
>aromatic spice in a (preferably period, but not necessarily) 
>construction.  Ideas, kids?

Our Seneschal makes these wonderful period gingerbread balls that are to
*die* for.  She's on the busy side right now (oh, duh on me - who
isn't??), but I'll try to snag the recipe from her.  She redacted it from
an SCA period reprint - does the previous sentence make sense??

Oh, BTW: please pass this on to Christiana on the Cook's List: one thing
that's become really popular around here in the past four years is
cinnamon ornaments.  They follow a recipe of sorts, then you use cookie
cutters to make the shapes.  They aren't edible at all, but they seem to
be exactly what she's looking for.  I'll try to scare up that recipe, too
- IIRC, my aunt made them two years ago.

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