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Tue Dec 8 09:53:48 PST 1998

At 12:00 PM 12/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Oh, BTW: please pass this on to Christiana on the Cook's List: one thing
>that's become really popular around here in the past four years is
>cinnamon ornaments.  They follow a recipe of sorts, then you use cookie
>cutters to make the shapes.  They aren't edible at all, but they seem to
>be exactly what she's looking for.  I'll try to scare up that recipe, too
>- IIRC, my aunt made them two years ago.

I just sort of whammed together a stiff dough of cinnamon, flour, vanilla,
salt and water in the food processor.  Rolled it out and cut stars out with
a cookie cutter.  Use a straw to make a hole at one end to put a ribbon
through.  I made some larger and some smaller.  I then strung them together
to make a yummy scented mobile.  The one I kept is about 3 years old now
and if I mist it, it still smells good.

Baroness Leonora
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