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<< >Hey, Rhiannon!
 > Speaking of middle eastern food, I was thinking about the
 >lifetime's supply of cumin and coriander in the Baronial stores.  What do
 >you think about mixing it with some kind of glue, and molding it into
 >Christmas ornaments or something?  I was thinking of camels or something
 >m.e., (wise men, camels, stars, etc.)
 > Does anybody know a good crafty way to take a powdered spice and
 >mold it?  Seems rather Martha Stewartish to me, or maybe girl scouts...
 > Serioursly folks, we have got close to 20 *pounds* of coriander
 >and cumin.  (Can you tell what the feastcrats did to arrive at that kind
 >of purchase?)  I think a coating of Krylon would be necessary, too.
 > What do you think?
 > Christianna
	I believe that the ornaments made from powdered cinnamon that have been
popular for the last few years are made by mixing the powdered spice with
applesauce, as some of the folks on the Cook's list mentioned. Should work
just as well with other spices! But if you don't want the sweet scent from the
applesauce, you certainly use one of the gums as the "mortar". Be a lot more
expensive, though, if more period.

		Ldy Diana
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