HERB - Herbal Remedies vs. Commercial Ones

Christine A Seelye-King mermayde at juno.com
Thu Jan 28 12:10:03 PST 1999

>The Horhound-Thyme-LemonBalm Cough Syrup.
>Literally EVERY single person that received it has said that it's
>the best thing they've ever used. While I'm a little skeptical
>that it's THAT good, it gives me great comfort to know that (1) the
>people are using it and doing so before using a commercial brand,
>and (2) they're using is repeatedly (and asking for the recipe).

Are you sure they are all using BEFORE they try a commercial brand?  I
find most folks (including me, sometimes) have to go the route of what is
on the shelf, before they go the route of trying herbal/natural stuff. 
It is really better, I think, because the thought of 'well, the
pharmaceuticals will work better' has already been proved false, and this
route is the only other one they know.  I know, after years of trial and
error, that most natural remedies DO work better, if in a different way
than the 'drugs' do.  Shall we talk about the differences in tonic
actions and nourishing actions vs. pharmaceutical actions?  That might be
an interesting topic:)

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