HERB - Re: Herbal Cold & Flu Care

Christine A Seelye-King mermayde at juno.com
Thu Jan 28 11:57:50 PST 1999

>>I drink an immune tea, which is a mixture of:Echinacea,Nettles,
>>Coltsfoot, Comfrey, Red Clover, Alfalfa, Peppermint, and Stevia.  I
>>drink it daily and have noticed that I am not sick this year as I was
>>last year.  

>You should seriously consider altering your formula, m'lady.
>Daily consumption of Comrey is not safe according to the
>current scientific research on the plant.

	I had the same reaction to the mention of Echinacea in an
every-day tonic.  Echinacea works with your spleen, bone marrow, and
thymus to produce more white blood cells.  In this way, it enhances your
immune system to fight off invaders.   However, it is not a good idea to
do this every day, as you are hyper-stimulating your immune system.  It
is always a good idea to do your herbs 5 days on and 2 days off, to give
your body a  chance to work on it's own.  Echinacea is used in tonics
(daily formulas) for immune enhancement, but the dosages are very low.  I
usually only use it when I'm feeling the need, not as a daily. 
I would consider the 5 on -2 off method, and / or eliminating or altering
it for non-cold & flu times.  Switch off with rose hips, hyssop, burdock
and dandelion (alternative blood cleansers to your Red Clover) to get a
better all-around nourishment.  

>On another note, where did you find your Stevia? I've looked in
>the local stores (health food) and have not been able to find
>more than small packets of it. Granted, you need only a little
>to sweeten a LOT of substance, but I'd like something larger
>than a sugar packet if I'm going to pay that kind of money for

	Well, we sell it, but we are the largest store in the area (until
Whole Foods moves in :o ) We have it in bulk, available from Frontier
Herbs.  We also sell it in extract form, in power, pills, and in
droppers.  NOW company sells it.  Their packets are mostly rice powder,
though.  I wondered how they could possibly package a teaspoon of stevia
powder and consider that a single serving!  The mere additon of a few
grains is usually enough.  
	Good Hunting,

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