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N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at mail.utexas.edu
Thu Mar 11 13:57:51 PST 1999

>Does a feast for 70 count? :)
  This weekend: bread. I plan to freeze it and thaw before the feast or I
won't have time to make everything.   **** I sometimes take it out before
it gets brown and then freeze it.  tat way when I defrost it I stick it
back in and get it brown.  How come you're doing it early?  Don't you need
to wait to the last minute? (grin)

The one
>thing I wish I had was fresh herbs for some of the dishes. I have TONS of
>on my own and that may have to do because the fresh in the stores is
>outrageously expensive.

	One thing I have tried is sprouting herb seeds and using them over
the tops of the finished dishes.  It adds a bit of green and a very mild
fresh taste.  They are also good in salads. My herb garden, unfortunately
has gotten smaller so I have plenty of left over seeds. It's a good way not
to waste seeds.   I tend to get too many any way.   You can do radish seeds
and that adds a peppery bit as well.   I don't know about period, but
during our cold (!?!) winters down here (when we have them), I get sad for
a bit of green....
>Two courses with dessert, all from Le Menagier. I can confidently say I am
>never translating French again unless forced. *chuckle*

	What did you decide on serving?   What herbs are you using?

I know you'll do fine--- It's just that last little bit of panic.... when
is the feast by the way.


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