HERB - Re: Drinks for Jasmine

Mike and Pat Luco mikel at pdq.net
Sat Mar 13 06:33:04 PST 1999

How about a lemon/herb drink?  The lemon balm is sprouting out in my lawn again and
it made me think of your drink problem.  A lemon sliced and a few lemons juiced
plus a handful of lemon balm bruised makes a gallon of refreshing lemon drink, of
course sweeten to taste.  I've never tried this with oranges, but I think the
effect would be similar (you might have to use more oranges per gallon, due to
their subdued taste).  Strawberries are just now ready to pick at the
'pick-your-own' orchard, so a strawberry drink as well?  Ginger root boiled in
spring water, sweetened and poured over ice with a sprig of fresh mint or a slice
of lemon sounds nice to me.  With the temp getting near 80's its time to start
thinking about those summertime things any way.  I have no documentation, but it
sure beats those instant drink things.

> Drinks....*gah* I just remembered that. Does anyone have an idea on
> some herb-based drinks? Somewhere I've got a recipe for a cold herb
> tea that's not too offensive that some people might like. I hate the idea
> of serving Tang or powdered whatever. I seem to remember a ginger
> water of sorts....I should look in the Floreligium archives...

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