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sunshinegirl sunshinegirl at steward-net.com
Sat Mar 13 12:31:29 PST 1999

How about bath salts?

Put 1/2 to 1 cup of either epson salts (expensive) or water softner salt
(cheap) into a baggie (for young children, older children could just use a
Add a couple of drops of food color and a couple of drops of essential oil
- lavendar, rose, or peppermint are nice.  
If desired, some dried herbs - lavendar, rose petals, mint, rosemary, etc.
may be added.  Just make sure it complements the scent.
Seal baggies and let the children work it until the color and oil is spread

If desired, a handful of salts may be placed on small squares of fabric,
bundled up and tied off with ribbon.

My son made an herbal ornament once, good for scent or decor.  Start with a
circle of cardboard ( I think is was about 3-4 inches in diameter).  Cut
out middle so you have a ring.  They used dried moneyplant leaves, but you
could probalbly use round eucalyptus or something similar.  Basically, they
glued a layer of leaves to the edge of the circle on one side, overlapping
to the center of the ring.  He continued glueing the leaves on until the
entire ring was covered on one side.  The ring was turned over, filled with
dry rosemary, and then the other side was covered with the moneyplant
leaves.  A ribbon was used to hang it with.

Another idea is an herbal poppet.  Take a square of cloth - experiment till
you get a good size - I've done them with 10-12 inches.  Place a bit of
stuffing and some dried herbs (lavendar, rosemary, ect)  a little bit above
the center of the cloth.  Tie off with ribbon.  This makes the head.  Tie
overhand knots in each of the four corners for hands and feet.

I suppose this is enough ideas for now - Have fun.

Melandra of the Woods

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