HERB - Re: Drinks for Jasmine

sunshinegirl sunshinegirl at steward-net.com
Sat Mar 13 12:39:28 PST 1999

Sikanjabin (persian vinigar mint drink)

4 cups sugar
2 cups water
1 cup wine vinigar
6-9 sprigs fresh mint or package of dried

heat water and sugar until sugar disolves.  Add vinigar and mint, simmer
for 20 minutes.
Strain, if useing dried mint.
this makes the syrup, add water to taste.

Honey drink

honey to desired taste and sweetness
sliced lemon, orange, lime
slice ginger, if desired
cinniman sticks
whole clove
whole nutmeg

heat water until honey dissolves.  add sliced fruit and spices.  Heat until
desired taste is reached.
May be served hot or cold

With leftovers, throw some yeast into it and put it someplace with a
fermentation lock.  Delicious.

The same spices may be added to apple cider and served hot or cold.

Melandra of the Woods

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