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>So, is it true that eating local honey can help combat hayfever type

I have heard that from several different sources.   I can't think of a
downside to just trying it.

I also tried bee pollen.  I took 3 grains and I thought I was going to die.
 My eye ball swelled up and itched so bad I wanted to scratch it out.  I
was almost terminally congested and my mouth itched like crazy.  It took
almost 3 days to get back to normal.

I haven't tried any since.  I think I will start with half a grain if I
ever try this again.

>I've also been told that the increase in shorter breastfeeding is leading
>to greater incidence of asthma and allergies in children.  Does anyone else
>know anything about this?
>What herbs are good to combat allergies?

I have used stinging nettle tea, calendula petal tea, and ephedra tea.  All
seemed to help as simples.

When the wind blows here on the Front Range in Colorado, which is nearly
constantly, my allergies are bad.  But I am in herbs all year around, so my
allergies are bad or they are worse  ;-)   

I have a client who uses mullien tea for his kid with asthma.  Another
client who I brew up a syrup of horehound, mullien, thyme, and motherwort
for her chronic lung congestion.  She has been making steady progress!

Taught a class today on Herb Teas.  It was fun.  Talked about typical herb
safety things, blah blah.  Then taught them my method for developing a
medicinal tea.  We split into 2 groups and each group developed a tea.  We
then blended them and drank them.  And ran out of time....  I wanted to
reblend and taste.  And then to develop a culinary tea.  The class really
needed to be 3 hours!  

Tomorrow, I have a class on planning your herb garden.  I need to take a
nap and then finish my notes on this class.   Man, am I tired.  Someday,
I'll catch up with myself....


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