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>> From: RAISYA at aol.com
>> I had a couple of friends out last weekend, and they confirmed that 
>we do
>> several grape vines and a couple of bush roses, all badly neglected 
>> least 5 or 6 years.  Anyone have any suggestions on restoring these? 
> I
>> any pruning has to wait until fall now, since both are actively 
I took a class on roses a few years ago. Jackson & Perkins Rep. said that
keeping the dead heads of the flowers picked off will make then keep
blooming. Leaving the dead flowers sends a message to the roots to start
going into hibernation.
Don't prune back too far or you will get into where it was drafted and
then *if* it lives you will be getting whatever rose it was drafted on.
(Usually a red. Been there, done that have the scars)

With grapes:
don't prune back too far either or they will die. (yep had that
experience too) find a few of the main shoots and keep them, try to train
them to run on a fence or wire it may take some tying them to it at
first. Be sure that if you tie them not to do it too tight which will
cause bruising and possibly dying of the limb.

I have pruned both at this time of year. I don't like doing it in the
fall but have. It doesn't work as well for me though.

Just be gentle, go slow, and do a little at a time. If in real doubt
don't cut.

Hope this helps
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