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Tue Sep 5 15:56:03 PDT 2000

>>was not aware of the intercations in wound/honey that produce
>>peroxide that helps the wound clean-out (peroxide being a house
>>staple medical item), nor was i aware that the honey was acidic ...
>>learned a bit more
> Well, the reaction of the honey is more than just the peroxide,
> actually. Let me go look up my notes and I'll list a couple that
> might be of interest to the herbally minded here on the list.

"...honey has the peculiar and distinctive power of absorbing moisture from
anything that comes in contact with it.  A certain amount of moisture is
necessary to maintain life in all living organisms, and when bacteria come
into contact with honey, this vital amount of moisture is withdrawn and
these micro-organisms die."
This is quoted from Honey and Your Health by Bodge F. Beck,M.D. and Doree
Smedley.  Any typos are my own.  The page goes on to cite studies done by a
Dr. W.G.Sackett, including how long it took certain micro-organisms to be
'no longer present' when introduced to honey.
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