HERB - wound healing & honey

Deming Deming at Capital.Net
Wed Sep 6 03:47:52 PDT 2000

<New person who had been lurking. Well, OK, so I'm not that new.>

Last year I heard about a book that dealt with natural healing with unusual
ingredients. It was written by a medical Dr. who was researching 'old and
forgoten' folk remidies to see if they had any merit. The book is titled:
Mud, Grubs, and Honey. (My memory is not perfect, but the title was along
those lines.) He was of the opinion that modern Dr.s should use more of
these things when treating patients. (Too many anti-bacterials are failing
but these things have been in use for thousands of years with no known
ill-effects or bacterial mutation.)

Has anyone seen/heard about this book? I don't know who the author is nor
the publishing company. I've been too broke to look for the book, but I
probibly should. (Amozon.com probibly has it, but I'm trying to reduce my
use of credit cards.)  ;-)


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