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And when it escapes into the lawn just mow the lemon balm -easier than 
weeding and it smells good - same thing with escaping mints (-;
Planting parsley around mint will keep it in check.

Worse than the mints, never ever let chives go to seed.  It blows into your 
lawn and blooms there and mowing ever afterwards is a tear-jerking event.

Another herb to keep contained is tarragon.  I planted one plant in my herb 
garden and three weeks later it was knocking on my front door.

On the other hand, a wonderful border plant, perfectly period and useful in 
many ways is lavender.  Just don't let an untrained husband trim it at year's 
end, mine cut it clear down to the ground and it never recovered.  Had to be 

Marshmallow is a wonderful herb for the back of your garden.  Grows tall and 
resembles Hollyhocks.  Many uses, not the least of which is using the roots as 
a sweetener (yes that is where the original "marshmallow" treat came from).

Sage grows almost anywhere and is a great basic for any herb garden.  Even if 
you ignore the many medicinal uses, it makes a great seasoner and fresh sage 
tea can't be beat.

Gosh you have me planning and dreaming now and my garden is still under about 
a foot of snow.

Lady Constance de la Rose
Barony of Loch Salann
Kingdom of Artemisia
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