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CAC giovanna51 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 16 11:49:37 PST 2005

Our demo at U of H today went extremely well, thanks mostly
to Lord Yamai. He was awesome and full of knowledge. I
learned so much!  Even the gifted children did too!!  Heh,
heh! He brought tons of weapons and armor etc. The students
were like sponges and were very engaged in the demo.
   Pace and I are sorry to be missing Bordermarch this
weekend. We haven't missed one since Alexis' chariot got
hit by a flying pavillion! I have a chance to drive my
niece in the Miss Tomball parade Saturday in my Camaro and
wouldn't miss that for the world. Have fun and toast one
for us. 
Have a great Thanksgiving. I know I am thankful for the
friendship found in our great Barony these past few years.
I will really miss that. Love, Giovanna

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