[Loch-soilleir] Thoughts To Consider for Populace Next Week

Alan Steinberg alanfsteinberg at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 13:21:21 PDT 2009

Response from a new person...

I may be out of place with my comments, but I think seeing it from the point
of view of a new person might be helpful.

I know that Master Modius is focusing on involvement of those who have been
involved or a while... but perhaps there should also be a focus on
developing the new people.  If more people join, then there are more people
to serve the Barony.

Regarding office holding... At populous my impression was "oh, all the
offices are full, guess they don't need my help" or "oh man, how can i help
with that, I'm just a new guy."  I'm happy to be anyone's deputy, but...
when I look on the website, I don't even know that's an option.

Regarding new people in general... SCA has a high buy in, both in time and
money.  Many people have been playing for years, so to new people its hard
to get in the fold.  There is an expectation to live SCA, meaning there
seems to be little room for those people who can't make everything all the
time, but what to play here and there.  This might not be true, but its the
feeling new people get.  Then there are the costs of buying garb (thankfully
Sir Virgil has helped me with aquiring armor) and attending events out of
town (camping, hotels, gas, etc).  Its all quite daunting to a new person.

Better recruitment and retention will lead to people wanting to serve the

1) Make populous more fun.  Where is my dimly lit room, people in garb,
wooden tables and steal cups full of beverages?  Herald's announcing people
as they walk in... or at least helping new people set up names!  Office
holders bearing the symbols of their office and getting their recognition.
I'm told people live SCA, but my first impression is a dozen people in a
sparce room being told we need people to fill offices but I don't see
anything happening?

2) Reward local participation... and local can be more involved.  Each
populous can be a mini event with a show & tell, a small tourney and dinner
(3-4 hrs event) rather than a (45 min) business meeting and going to Jason's
Deli afterward.  I'd say the Baron/Baroness (with their officer's help)
should be responsible for making this happen, leading your subjects is not
cheap or easy!

3) Hospitaller should be more than a person who sends an e-mail or says hi
at meetings, but the office should include a supply bin for new people
(donated garb and what not for new people to use, once they have better they
donate it back). Perhaps even responsible or co-ordinating barony involvment
at out of town events?  Defult event stuart?  Lets figure out ways to do
things together reather than "hey, there is an ever 5 hours away, you should

What about a mentor program (similar to squires and knights) but one where
experienced people in various A&S in addition to fighting offer to take
someone under their wing and meet with them during non guild events.
Officers by defult should be mentors!

Ok... so way more then anyone wanted to read, especially from a new
person... but currently office holders appaer to be paper pushers, lets
change that image, make things more group orientated and better involve the
new people and then there will actually be competition for offices!

Roming Over-opinionated Newguy

On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 10:39 AM, Langhans, Erik <elanghans at khou.com> wrote:

> Will you be at populace?  You should.  I would like to put out a thought
> for consideration and discussion.
> There are some critical issues impacting the health and well-being of our
> Barony...
> It has become critically hard to find replacements for any and all of our
> required offices (Seneschal, Treasurer, Hospitaler, Chronicler, Herald, A&S
> and/or Marshal (Rapier and/or Chivalric).  That is 7-8 officers.
> It has become critically hard to find ER deputies for any and all of our
> required officer (Seneschal, Treasurer, Hospitaler, Chronicler, Herald, A&S
> and/or Marshal (Rapier and/or Chivalric).  That is 7-8 ER Deputy Officers.
> It has become critically hard to find folks to Steward and/or Cater our
> required Baronial events. 2 Events.
> It has become critically hard to find folks to Steward and/or Cater our
> additional Baronial events. 1-2 events.
> There is a lot of officer hat passing; one officer stepping down only to
> take up a new office because no one wanted to take it.
> Let's do the math.  7 required officers + 7 ER Deputies to those officers =
> 14 officer.  Plus 2-3 Stewards + 2-3 Caterers.
> Sooooooo.....here is the question.  Take a deep breath.
> Has the time come to pack it in and move from Barony to Shire.  If you do
> this you are only required to fill 3 offices; (Seneschal, Treasurer, and one
> of the following Herald, A&S and/or Marshal (Rapier and/or Chivalric).
> If you do not think we should become a Shire, NOW is time to step up and
> take an office or a ER deputy position.  I did my part.  Aside from my
> duties as a Director on the Board of SCA, Inc., yesterday I spoke with Wissa
> to become one of her Knight Marshal Deputies. I also pledge to put my
> application in for that office if and when it opens up fo apps.
> What office will you take?
> Or should we become a Shire?
> See you next Tues for a lively discussion.  Please come.  If you only come
> once per year, come to the next populace.
> Master Modius von Mergentheim, OL, OP, WSA, CSS, Baron, Lion
> Proud Loch Subject
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