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Sun Oct 23 12:21:11 PDT 2005

Thank you, for your advice.  I have actually been playing SCA
and nominating people off and on for almost 30 years.
I also know that award recommendations that come
from many people from someone's local group are more
apt to be considered favorably than one or two nominations,
and that Owen already got a Thistle for period cooking that
was never recorded by the heralds and therefore not in the OP
and therefore "didn't happen" until it is recorded.   His years
of service as a chef deserve recognition, but his service since
he was my deputy seneshal and later seneshal  in "Three Mills"
peobably deserve more recognition than he has received,
simply because he moved from Eldren to Three Mills to Namron,
and people sometimes forget or new people are unaware of
his many years of service.

Caius Fabius Sarmaticus

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>Any and all are welcome to submit individuals for
>whatever award one deems appropriate.  You can find
>the forms on the Ansteorran website.  The more who
>enter someone for an award with valid reasons, the
>more likely the person will receive the award.
>However, all awards are given at the discretion of the
>--- Craig Pharaoh <sherdana at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > No I lied, Lord Hatur informs me that he smoked the
> > pork, and Lord
> > Owen (Stott?) cooked the beef.   I know he was doing
> > Roman and
> > Welsh recipes.  I wonder if he has received any
> > award for his excellent
> > skills as a recreator of period dishes?   That is
> > certainly a Art,
> > especially
> > when he is doing it.  I remember the excellent Roman
> > food at King's
> > College as well!   So is his work worth and Iris of
> > Merit, or only a Sable
> > Thistle...... hmmmmmm, I leave that to his barony
> > and many pleased
> > diners to recommend!
> >
> > Caius Fabius
> >
> >
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