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Here are the officer meeting notes July 18^th , 2011 at 7:30pm :

*Seneschal: *Wanted to welcome our newest officer, Lady Kathryn, as our 
new treasurer, we will have to get together with Adena about getting the 
signature card done. Currently we are accepting applications for 
Chronicler. We are also accepting applications for Rapier Marshal, which 
we have received one application, but we will close the acceptance of 
rapier marshal application at the August Pop meeting. I have picked a 
date for the inventory day, which is August 13^th from 8am to like 12 
noon. It may not take that long, but that way it isn't as hot. I will 
follow-up with Annabelle and Aonghas to see if they are available. Water 
wars will be August 6^th from 11am to 4-5pm.

*Treasurer: *I will continue with the treasurer until after Laurels 
Prize Tourney. I will work with Kathryn through that and then we can do 
the August monthly report together. She can run Protectorate by herself, 
with me her if she needs any assistance. End of October will be the 3^rd 
quarterly report that will be due. At the end of May we had $6,509.65. 
*Vincenti*-asks if you have the amount that each officer has left in 
their budget? *Adena*-no not exactly, but I will have it figured before 
Kathryn takes over.

*Rapier Marshal: *having a lot of weather issues, the practices have 
been hot. Still a lot of people are making it out. Will be having 
authorizations at this weeks practice.

*Archery Marshal: *I have been keeping everyone safe, by not having 
practice with the temperatures so high. It has been extremely too hot 
when the heat index is over 100 and the temperatures are over 100, we 
are close to 30 days with 100 degree weather. *Barone*-is there a 
possibility about the changing of where practice is held? 
*Vincenti-*yes, it is a possibility, but nothing is confirmed yet, there 
is still some work to be done, but it is a good-sized area and plenty of 
room for the targets and having enough room for safety. The new location 
we are looking at is 48^th and Tecumseh here in Norman. It would be a 
lot closer and possibly help with improvement of attendance.

*Herald: *not present

*Chivalric Marshal: *not present

*Chronicler: *not present

*Webminister: *not present

*Hospitaler: *not present

*A & S Minister: *not present

*MOC: *not present

*B & B: *Red tape went well and the B & B retreat also went well. We 
received lots of ideas on helping the barony. One of the ideas is to 
have a "hat pass" at each monthly Pop meeting, and once we get enough 
money raised, we can give away a scholarship for a membership to be paid 
for. Another idea was about making it optional for the officers to come 
to Pop meeting in garb, right now we are asking the officers to always 
wear some sort of garb, but with all the temperatures and such, it might 
be a little easier on the officers to not require the garb to be worn, 
unless they would like to. Also still have the Garb and Grub from time 
to time and also maybe plan on once a quarter planning on wearing the 
garb for Pop. This is Lord Jacq's last officers meeting as a local 
officer, he has accepted the Northern Regional Rapier Marshal. Lady 
Kathryn is our newest officer as the Treasurer. We have Laurels Prize 
Tourney coming up, also Water Wars, Protectorate and also Northern 
Regional Fighter Practice. I feel that every officer has a 
responsibility to be Hospitaler-to talk up the SCA-and everything that 
we do. Our Barony is doing well. I am very proud of everyone. Other 
baronies have trouble getting anything done in their baronies. Keep up 
the good work.

*Lady Kathryn: *I want to let everyone know that HL Meraud has agreed to 
be my deputy treasurer. I also wanted to know how many feast are 
available for Protectorate? *Barone*-125 feast (100 for sale-25 comp), 
feast was briefly discussed regarding place settings and how to ensure 
that there is 6 places per table. More discussion at the upcoming 
Protectorate planning meetings.

*HL Aonghas: *Has there been a decision on the Hospitaler position yet? 
*Margherita: *we had 2 applicants and we are waiting to hear from 
Kingdom to find out what their decision is.

*Lady Antonia: *HE Maleah is unable to commit to the sideboard at 
Laurels Prize Tourney, due to mundane work issues, so we are looking for 
anyone interested in heading up the sideboard and organizing it. Please 
if anyone is interested, let me know, our next Planning meeting is 
August 1^st at the Hidden Castle at 7pm.

*Lord Vincenti: *also we have a new Deputy Kingdom Hospitaler---HE 
Kathryn Cunningghame

  Meeting ended.

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