[Northern] Northern Regional Warlord

Walter Robin aborman at brightok.net
Fri May 4 12:29:28 PDT 2001

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By all accounts NR Warlord was a great success.  Each of the region's groups contributed to the event to make it a truly regional endeavor.

For instance, what I can recall from the top of my head:

Brad Leah contributed gift baskets and ran A&S, Namron contributed the prize scrolls and brought feast tables, Weisenfeuer ran Archery & helped with site setup, Rundel contributed a co-autocrat & cleanup, Wastelands produced the Blackstar ad & flyers and contributed a co-autocrat, Northkeep ran the Heavy & rapier competitions, Eldern Hills helped with gift baskets, and, of course, Mooneschadowe hosted it.

The event was also a grand financial success, and it is our pleasure to offer each of the groups a dividend of the proceeds.  The amount comes to about $80 (each).  Please have your Treasurer contact our Treasurer ( Ly Toinette ) at paddy at webzone.net , to receive your check.

If your group does not need the money, we can contribute your share to any worthy project you desire, for example:

castle project at Will Rogers Scout Reservation
regional tabards  ( remember:  sca funds=sca property )
equipment for regional officers

We'd like to settle accounts quickly, so please expedite, if possible.

Ld Walter Robin,
retiring Seneschal Mooneschadowe


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