[Northern] Coastal Regional Rapier Marshal

Roschbach, Chauncey Chauncey.Roschbach at Inspectorate.com
Fri May 4 18:46:02 PDT 2001

Unto the right good populace of glorious Ansteorra does Lord Elyas MacCrae,
humble gentleman soldier and servant to the crown give greetings!

The time has come, my friends, to select a new Coastal Regional Rapier
Marshal. I have held the position for this past year and have enjoyed it
greatly. Though I will gladly continue to serve our Kingdom as a marshal and
a gentleman, due to my mundane career and the time it consumes, I feel that
I can no longer do so as your Regional Marshal. The job needs someone that
can dedicate the greater part of their time to travel within the region and
alas, that is something that I cannot do at this time.

But... There is a bright side to this change! The opportunity exists for one
of you to serve as I have and as others have before me.

The current requirments are:

1. A comprehensive knowledge of both the Kingdom and Society rules for
Rapier Combat

2. A current authorization for Rapier Comabt in the Kingdom of Ansteorra
(both fighter and marshal)

3. Proof of current membership in the SCA

4. A level head and good judgment

5. The willingness to travel the Region and work towards the betterment of
the community

Good Gentles, consider this a call to service. This is a chance for you to
help the community and to grow in the process.

I urge you to answer the call.

Please send all applications (along with a letter of intent and proof of
current membership) to both our Kingdom Rapier Marshal, Don Ansgar Von Achen
and the current Coastal Regional Rapier Marshal, being my humble self.
Contact information for both is listed in the Black Star.

As Always, I Remain,

Lord Elyas MacCrae
Cadet to Don Robert Michael McFarlane
Marshal of Fence to the Coastal Region of Ansteorra
Deputy Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal
Champion of the Barony of Ravensfort
Champion of the Shire of Stonebridge Keep
Champion, by her grace and honor, to her Excellency Rebekah Kleinspielerin
and humble servant to Crown and Kingdom

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