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Fri May 11 09:04:55 PDT 2001

Note: all titles omitted below, so ya can all feel equally snubbed.
Umm, before this degenerates further, we're talking about a number of
separate issues here:
First, the disbursement of proceeds to local groups for a regional event.
Since the North isn't a 'group' or branch YET, it can't have a bank account
containing SCA funds, and so far as I know, neither can an event.  Which
leaves sending the funds to Kingdom with the REQUEST it be dedicated to the
North, or sending it to the participating branches to use as they will.  I
didn't hear anyone complaining about the decision reached.
Second, the suggestions that the branches could dedicate the funds to 'any
worthy project'.  The things listed were specific regional goals, and were
clearly labeled suggestions, of which tabards were only one and in no way
highlighted.  You're free to suggest YOUR group pick another.
Third, the question of the DESIGN for the tabards (NOT in the original
missive).  IF we assume that IF a local group chose tabards and to use
Owain's design, THEN the badge becomes an issue.  This may be a faulty
assumption.  Tadhg's note said Owain's design was OFFERED, not ADOPTED by
Fourth, and tied to that, is the issue of the badge's rejection in January.
Contrary to what Maleah says, this list is not an organ of the college, much
less an official channel.  A submittor can act on information learned from
it, but we can't equate a statement on it with official notification through
the branch Herald.  Even if we could, Tadhg's letter was clearly written
AFTER Owain's 'offering', so it couldn't have affected it.  Maleah says that
decision has 'not come out in print yet'.  That's not required for the branch
Herald (Robert FitzMorgan) to be notified and for him to pass it on.  Was
that done?  If not, then neither she nor Owain are at fault.
Fifth, I agree with Maleah that using conflicting armory is discourteous and
unchivalrous, ASSUMING the person doing so KNOWS he is.  My household has
been dealing with that situation for years.  By the same token, the current
NR Warlord should have been notified that his TABARD conflicts and should not
be worn.  This involves the honor of the REGION as a whole.  It IS possible,
depending on the level of conflict, that the woman holding the existing
armory would allow the conflict owing to the geographic separation.  But that
would involve INFORMING the submittor so that she could be contacted.
Similarly, if the badge has been declared unregisterable WITHOUT the
conflict, Sigen has the right to KNOW so she can prepare a modification, or a
Sixth, as Barn points out, there's the issue of the acceptability of the
badge itself to the North as a whole.  As several people have said, the
consensus should and will likely rule.  I am unaware of a more popular
alternative.  I PERSONALLY would prefer a design incorporating a wolf (which
has been identified with the North for much longer than half a decade), but I
haven't proposed one, and neither has anyone else as far as I know.  Burke's
laudable effort to poll the North mentions a badge for the region, but NOT
what that badge should be.  THAT could be the NEXT step, if it's that big an
There are probably a few others.  But let's not let any muddy the waters for
the others.  Keep them separate, and keep the discussion focused.
Kevin, a relative newcomer to the college ('87 or so).

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