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Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at
Fri May 11 21:25:39 PDT 2001

Her Excellency Sigen asked:
> Could someone in the College of Heralds please give me the name and any
> information available, of the person with whom my badge conflicts?
The link above is for the Ansteorran Internal Collated Commentary from
December of 2000, which covered the Internal Letter of Intent from
September, 2000.  It lists the conflicts and action taken on your badge
submission of  "Gules a griffin passant contourny Or, grasping a mullet of
five greater and five lesser points sable".

The item is listed as being returned for conflict.  One of the comments sums
up the conflict --- Exact conflict with Nerissa Meraud de la Fontaine
(7/87), "Gules, a griffin passant to sinister bearing in its sinister talon
a goblet Or.", with no CD for changes to a maintained charge.  I also
understand there were some spoken comments about a complex black charge on a
colored background (color on color).

In other words, it'll probably take a substantial rework to get something
that will pass the conflict without generating another.  There has to be two
Clear Differences (CD).  A letter of permission allows one CD.  This
particular design has no CDs, so start thinking about which elements are
more important to keep for the next design of your badge.

I'm not sure why you were not notified of the return.  Please don't hold it
against all heralds.  It is often an overworked, underpaid position that
folk volunteer to take on as a hobby.  They never realize that it is more
like a permanent hobby, and you cannot escape it once you start.  (I should

I would normally send this privately, but before folks get out of hand with
the "is-too", "is-not" stuff, I thought I'd show what is out there, since
some are apparently rallying to it.  The good lady who registered this
fourteen years ago will probably appreciate a personal army, but I don't
think that is what you folks are wanting.

Baron Ulf
(Support your local heralds)
(hmmm... James Garner as a herald?)

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