[Northkeep] Monday Notes: Corrected, as it has been a long night

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Mon Oct 8 04:06:40 PDT 2001

Greetings Indeed on this Monday morning,
   Much earlier this morning (been a long overnight) I hit the delete
key, on purpose, after reading a portion of an e-mail; as I did not read
it fully, I cannot respond in specific point by point.
   So, instead let me just make three points;
1) I will not allow a collection of data bits to prevent me from
enjoying being in the SCA and a part of Northkeep
2) I will support the incoming Baron and Baroness that have been named
by the Crown
3) I (if work and other duties do allow) hope to see many of you at the
Investiture/Toy Tourney; to see and visit with friendly faces I know;
and to meet new aquaintances to have more friendly faces to see.
   May we all be able to have a great day and continue to enjoy each

   Valstarr Hawkwind

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