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Subject: Queer Eye For...
...Fox Mulder:

THOM: Ohhhh-kay. For the record, you can make a coffee table out of
almost anything: a door, an ottoman, old steamer trunks. You cannot make
a coffee table out of stacks of porn videos.

MULDER: That’s not a coffee table. It’s just -- convenient.

TED : Guys, do NOT sit on the sofa. (Thom quickly begins covering the
sofa in Saran Wrap.) 

MULDER: Probably wise. 

CARSON: Let’s talk about this closet. I’m not seeing anything too scary
here. That’s because I’m only seeing one thing here. Tell me, Fox --
GREAT name -- what do you wear to work?

MULDER: Dark suit, conservative tie.

CARSON: What do you wear when you go out in the evenings?

MULDER: Like to meet informants? Dark suit, conservative tie.

CARSON: And for a date?

MULDER: Date? 

THOM: The rest of the apartment is like some Soviet décor gulag -- but
the bedroom is fantastic! Who did this for you? Because, let’s face it,
you didn’t do this yourself.

MULDER: Kind of a weird story, really --

...Blair Sandburg:

KYAN: Okay. You have chosen to wear your hair this way because -- why?

BLAIR: I don’t know. It’s always been curly. It’s this or white man’s

CARSON (sotto voce): And this is NOT white man’s ‘fro?

KYAN: Don’t get me wrong; I salute you for avoiding the ‘fro option. But
you can’t just give up. You have to say, I’m willing to fight this. I’m
READY to fight this.

BLAIR: I didn’t think it was that bad.

KYAN: Science makes bold leaps forward in hair-care every day, Blair.
Waxes. Spray starches. Japanese thermal straightening. We have the

...Captain Jack Sparrow:

CARSON: Okay, this is your normal everyday look? This isn’t, like,
terror drag?

JACK: Oh, this old thing. (Holds out the sleeves of his coat, tosses his

CARSON: Well, the good side is, you’re not afraid to take chances. We
can work with that. 

TED: Come and take a look at the bar. We’ve tried to provide a little
more variety, a little more finesse -- some top-brand vodka for mixers,
a nice brandy --

JACK: Where is the rum?

TED: Rum -- you know, rum’s nice in a pina colada or something like
that, but it’s a little downscale, and if you’ll just consider --

JACK (pulls out musket): We’ll be putting the rum back, mate.

TED: And the rum goes back.

...Lex Luthor:

KYAN: Looks like I’m sitting this one out.

THOM: The stained glass, the statues -- I feel like I’m visiting a
museum, not hanging out at a friend’s house. 

LEX: I don’t like my possessions stored away in vaults. Wealth isn’t
real unless you can see it. Unless you can feel it.

JAI (stares long and hard): Are you SURE you belong on this show?

LEX: Maybe.

CARSON (sticks his head in from the hallway): This man’s closet is FULL
of silk shirts in soft pastels and deep purple.

LEX: Okay. Maybe not.

...Legolas Greenleaf:

KYAN: Most guys with long hair don’t put in the time to condition
properly, but you have, which is kind of the saving grace here. 

LEGOLAS: Elves have no split ends. Our hair is, like the rest of our
bodies, perfect and unchanging.

KYAN: Well, it’s past time for changing, because this look hasn’t been
in since -- well, ever.

CARSON: Also, when you combine it with this outfit you’ve got going? The
overall effect is very Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan. Not sexy.

JAI (gestures toward the windows, which are lined with screaming girls,
all clawing at the glass): I’m not sure this guy has a big problem with

LEGOLAS smirks.


The FAB FIVE stare.

KYAN: He uses product.

CARSON: The jacket, the pants, the shirt -- it all works.

THOM: Why are you even here?

ANGEL: Cordelia made me. She wants your autographs.

KYAN: It’s like he’s the One Straight Man foretold by prophecy.

ANGEL (grimaces): Please, no prophecies.

CARSON: For the first and only time, I’m going to say it -- Don’t change
a thing.

ANGEL: Can I go now?

... Magneto

JAI: Okay, I feel like you’re giving off really hostile vibes. What is
the image you’re presenting to the world? What are you trying to

MAGNETO: That humanity’s time is over, and that they will soon be
crushed under my heel.

JAI: Negative, negative energy. You’d be a lot happier if you’d try
something just a little lighter, a little more colorful. And so I
thought we’d start with your name. "Magneto" -- so harsh, and frankly,
it sounds like you’re trying just a bit too hard. 

MAGNETO: I no longer wish to be known by my human name.

JAI: I get that. So I just want to show you -- we switch two letters
around, and we get something so much brighter: "Magento." 

MAGNETO: I’m going to have to kill you all now.

CARSON: Not before you explain this helmet. 


KYAN: This hair -- this is not good. When did you last wash this?

SNAPE: I have more important matters to attend to than hairstyles,
frivolous fool.

CARSON: Starting with the wardrobe choices. Green is not your color.

KYAN: You're a potions master, right? You can whip up a little Selsun
Blue sometime. Try it.

SNAPE (smiles wickedly>: I did put together -- this.

The Fab Five stares at the bubbling cauldron.

TED: That is the most disreputable Pinot Noir I've ever seen.

SNAPE: It's not wine, you imbeciles! It's a potion.

JAI: And that would be a potion that does -- what?

SNAPE: Those exposed to it develop a lifelong affinity for -- polyester.

THOM: Run! Run! Now! Now!

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