[Northkeep] "Northkeep" in German

Chris Graue myangelmorgan at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 3 19:12:11 PDT 2005

Did we ever determine the appropriate wordage to say
"from Northkeep" in German? There were so many words
floating around at the time that I was not sure which
would be appropriate... Nordstadt was one I remember,
being North State, I believe, but is that the best I
can do? What were the other words? 

I do like the idea of "Gisela Von Wolfsburg" but
thanks to the help of Zahava, we have found the
spelling from that time would be much different...
more like Vlufsborch or something... actually not
pronounced much differnet from Wolfsburg, but I
invision NO ONE being able to say my name properly...
then again, it IS German, so I should just get used to
that, I suppose... It also doesn't flow very well,
being Von followed by Volf... So I am revisiting the
idea of using Northkeep, as that is where I am from...


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