[Northkeep] "Northkeep" in German

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 3 20:39:42 PDT 2005

>From: Chris Graue <myangelmorgan at yahoo.com>
>Did we ever determine the appropriate wordage to say
>"from Northkeep" in German? There were so many words
>floating around at the time that I was not sure which
>would be appropriate... Nordstadt was one I remember,
>being North State, I believe, but is that the best I
>can do? What were the other words?

Nord is pretty clear.  It's trying to decide what is "keep"  Norddungeon?

You could hit the archives though :)

>I do like the idea of "Gisela Von Wolfsburg" but
>thanks to the help of Zahava, we have found the
>spelling from that time would be much different...
>more like Vlufsborch or something... actually not
>pronounced much differnet from Wolfsburg, but I
>invision NO ONE being able to say my name properly...
>then again, it IS German, so I should just get used to
>that, I suppose... It also doesn't flow very well,
>being Von followed by Volf... So I am revisiting the
>idea of using Northkeep, as that is where I am from...

I maybe mistaken, but since before 1945, when the town of Stadt des 
KdF-Wagens (est. 1938) was renamed, the only "Wolfsburg" was the Castle 
(est. about 1300), wouldn't Gisela von Wulfsbug have connotations?  Maybe 

Fallersleben was a village in the Middle Ages (it's now a suburb of 
Wolfsburg).  Just a thought.

In any case, think of all the Braunschweiger jokes :)


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