[Northkeep] a note concerning Feast at Castellan

Cpt. Talbot talbaine at hotmail.com
Wed May 30 15:43:19 PDT 2007

Lords and Ladies of the Populace of Northkeep, after hearing some concerns 
voiced as to the items being served at Feast, this is the *working* menu, as 
it currently stands. It is, of course, subject to change at the whim of the 
Feast Steward. (Ship's cooks are notoriously adaptable, as well as being 
notoriously... well, notorious!)
In Service,
B. Talbot

1. Caspian Sea
Marinated mushrooms (Russia)
Torshi holu/ pickled peaches (Persia)

2. Black Sea
Pide with hommus (Turkey)
Rustic or rye with herbed butters (Russia)

3. Indian Ocean
Supu ya kuku/ chicken soup (Zanzibar)
Coconut soup (Thailand)

4. Mediterranean Sea
Shish kebab (Greece)
Pork en croute (France)

5. Red Sea
Carrot salad (Israel)
Tabouli (Egypt)

6. Arabian Sea
Curried vegetables (India)
Mastua khair/ cucumber salad (Persia)

7. Aegean Sea
Lokum/ Turkish delight (Turkey)
Baklawas/ nut pastry (Greece)

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