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katrina hardesty kalamitykayt at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 6 16:45:31 PST 2008

What an absolutely wonderful job.I'm so envious of her. I would love to see pictures and hear more about her antics.

Stephanie Drake <steldr at cox.net> wrote:
  Hey all - 

Some of you may know that a good friend of mine from high school was a clown with Ringling Brothers for several years. She has remained in the entertainment industry in one way or another for the last 7 years since leaving the circus. Today I got an email from her and I thought it might interest some of you and that you might have some suggestions for her. I won't name names, you know who you are. :) I'm pasting the relevant bit below. If there is anyone who is actually interested in summer employment; let me know. And PLEASE - respond privately so we don't muck the list up too much!! steldr at cox.net


I have a new job. Another one of those "I can't believe my luck" jobs!
I'm to be the "Pirate Queen" for the Black Dragon Pirate Cruise Ship. (the Entertainment Director really, I just like Pirate Queen better!) .
I start on March 15th, my ship comes in on May 1st. :o)
I'll be making the wardrobe, training, hiring, scheduling, etc... Anyone with strong Pirate tendencies that needs full time summer employment...send your inquiries to me!
If you want to offer advice, ideas, rude comments, Pirate Jokes, funny tales , etc... drop me a line.... all help is welcome!


I know this is a most dangerous request, but any ideas for Pirate names for myself and crew would be appreciated! Thanks!
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